In an Activation class we will dive deeper into our connection to our core,  our own body and our connection with others. We move through floor exercises to standing, emphasizing our core-distal relationships. This class also incorporates breath work and in-depth energy clearing techniques accessed with partners. 

A Universe to Core class discovers the relationship between our self and the world around us. We begin to shift our weight and travel, find oppositions in the body and balance. This class focuses on "taking up space," and becoming secure and fluid in our body through movement, intention and clarity.

Earth to balance

Universe to core

This is the beginning foundations of ConsciousMotion. An Earth to Balance class focuses on our connection to earth and gravity. We move through floor work exercises which emphasize release and momentum, spinal extension/flexion, strength, length, and efficient muscle use. We explore  easy self energy clearing techniques and dive deep into true relaxation.

  • A Letter From Home6:57
  • A Letter From Home6:57


ConsciousMotion's aim is to bring forth ease, vitality and freedom in our being through mindful movement practices, as well as heighten our awareness of the interconnectivity of our body, mind, spirit trinity. 


Release. Breath. activation. Balance. Expansion. energy

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